Popularity of native plants on the rise

Native plants take less care if sited correctly and are a boon to birds and pollinators.

7 tips for controlling frustrating apple scab

Prevention is the best method when it comes to controlling this fungal disease.

Let soil temperature guide you when planting vegetables

It's time to plant cool-weather vegetables like greens and peas; wait for the soil to warm before planting tomatoes, squash and peppers.

Offer nectar to tempt hummingbirds to the garden

Hummingbirds are more than just beautiful in the garden, they also play a place in the ecosystem by eating bugs and pollinating.

Peel off the layers of growing artichokes

Whether you eat them or let them produce flowers, artichokes are versatile and beautiful in the garden.

Go miniature with a glass terrarium

Give your terrarium your own spin with accessories from sea shells and drift wood to miniature garden and animal pieces.

Arborvitae stands tall as a low-maintenance hedge

Sometimes you need what an arborvitae hedge can offer: A tall, thin tree to screen whatever it is you don't want to see.