How to care for heat-damaged plants

Go ahead and cut off dead flowers on heat-burned plants, but try to resist the urge to remove partially dead leaves.

Invasive jumping worms leap into Oregon

Jumping worms stay in the debris on top and eat two to three times the amount of leaf litter as the other worms.

Tips for gardening in extreme heat

Keep hydrated. Carry a water bottle – and use it! You need water as much as your plants do.

Save money and help the planet with sustainable garden practices

We can all do our part to help by changing our practices – often just by a bit, depending on the methods you’ve already put in place.

With a few tips and patience, gardeners can grow melons

If you’re choosing varieties for western Oregon, look for melons that require a shorter season.

Horticulturist Abra Lee to speak on culture of gardening

Lee plans to discuss how Black woman have, through determination, enthusiasm and willpower, overcome ugliness in America to cultivate beauty in the landscape.

Choose a lawn mower to fit your needs

How you choose between rotary, reel and electric models has to do with your situation and preferences.

Picking up baby birds can do more harm than good

Identifying the age of a bird is crucial in how you deal with one that's on the ground.

Fall in love with colorful, dazzling dahlias

Pompoms, collarettes, mignons, waterlilies: The names are as colorful as the blooms they describe.