Plant veggies at the right time to avoid disappointment

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to plant too early.

Picking up baby birds can do more harm than good

Identifying the age of a bird is crucial in how you deal with one that's on the ground.

Fall in love with colorful, dazzling dahlias

Pompoms, collarettes, mignons, waterlilies: The names are as colorful as the blooms they describe.

No room for vegetables? Pot up your plants

There are some dwarf and miniature varieties of vegetables, such as Thumbelina carrots or other baby vegetables that work particularly well in small confines.

Adding compost improves soil’s texture and adds nutrients

The best soil amendment is partially broken-down organic material, better known as compost

Offer robins what they need and they’ll stick around

Oregon State University Extension Service wildlife experts encourage Oregonians to learn more about these underappreciated native birds.

With the right care, asparagus beds will produce for decades

Asparagus is a hardy perennial and should be planted as soon as the soil can be properly prepared in the spring.

Free virtual Master Gardener education series open to the public

The classes include topics as far-ranging as Dazzling Dahlias to Adapting Your Garden and Landscape to Climate Change.

Learn the terms on seed packets to make the right selection

Understanding terms associated with seeds will help you pinpoint which selections best serve specific gardens and practices.

Feed birds in winter with berry-bearing plants

Birds eat berries in winter for food to give them the energy they need to survive the prolonged stress of cold and wet weather.