March - 2013
New website details Linus Pauling's breakthroughs in protein structure

The Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections & Archives Research Center has added to its series of documentary history websites on the life of Linus Pauling

LIDAR image Mobile LIDAR technology expanding rapidly

The rapidly expanding technology of mobile LIDAR could change the way we see, study and record the land forms around us, with multiple applications in science and industry.

Former CDC director Julie Gerberding to speak at OSU on April 3
OSU News Release New study questions the role of kinship in mass strandings of pilot whales

A new study published in the Journal of Heredity has found that pilot whales do not beach themselves because of family ties - a hypothesis that has grown in popularity in recent years.

OSU Alumni Association to honor three at April gala on campus
OSU turns winemaking waste into food supplements and flowerpots

Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered how to turn the pulp from crushed wine grapes into a natural food preservative, biodegradable packaging materials and a nutritional enhancement for baked goods.

OSU News Release Series of Austrian films will show in Corvallis starting April 9
Chris Vanderschuere New "moon" app a hit

A new app created by Chris Vanderschuere, an OSU student, to describe current facts about the moon has been downloaded by more than a million people around the world.

OSU News Release Reconstruction of temperature history shows significance of recent warming

By the year 2100, Earth will be warmer under all greenhouse gas emission scenarios that at any time in the last 11,300 years, according to a newly published study in Science.

OSU News Release OSU makes oysters safer to eat with improved purification method

Oregon State University researchers have improved an old method of making oysters safer to eat so that more bacteria are removed without sacrificing taste and texture.

OSU signs memorandum confirming partnership to help veterans
OSU News Release Study finds sexual health services for rural Latino men could be improved

A new study based on interviews of rural Latino men in Oregon found these men need sexual health services designed for them, including more male health providers, convenient clinic hours, and Spanish-speaking doctors.

OSU collecting electronics and plastics for recycling competition March 6-13

Oregon State University is competing in the national RecycleMania competition and invites the public to contribute by recycling their electronics and film plastic during March 6-13.

OSU News Release Harvard expert on happiness to speak at OSU on March 14
Radiation comparison Fukushima cleanup continues, many areas restored

After two years of cleanup, some areas near the damaged nuclear power plants at Fukushima, Japan, have made signficant progress, and OSU researchers say decisions will need to be made about how much more work needs done.

OSU News Release Invasive species danger from tsunami may not be known for years

OSU scientists who have examined more than three dozen pieces of debris from the Japanese tsunami say the potential damage from invasive species may not be known for years.

OSU lifts quarantine for equine influenza, cites swift biosecurity as key to halt outbreak
OSU alum overcomes poverty to win national student award

An OSU student worked her way past poverty and other obstacles to win recognition as the nation's Outstanding Continuing Education Student. She is a recent graduate from OSU Ecampus.

Moral issues of climate change discussed at Science Pub
Tyrosine nitration Discovery opens door to new drug options for serious diseases

OSU researchers have explained a process that leads to the death of motor neurons, and could provide an avenue to new treatments for a range of degenerative diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

OSU brews up new online, on-site classes for beer makers
National symposium will address access to, uses of working waterfronts
Oregon State University to honor top volunteers
Oregon State University, Samaritan Health to partner on sports medicine facility
February - 2013
"Sit with Me" supporters "Red Chair" campus event to recognize women in technology

Students and administrators at OSU will take turns sitting in the red chair on March 5 to discuss their personal stories, part of a national initiative to encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering.

Select fraternities and sororities may apply to participate in first-year student experience program
College of Engineering honors alumni

The College of Engineering recently presented its 15th annual Oregon Stater Awards to some of its most accomplished alumni and friends for their contributions to the engineering profession.

OSU celebrates nutrition month with two-day event in the MU Quad

Oregon State University’s Nutrition and Dietetics Club is celebrating National Nutrition Month this March with a two-day event in the Memorial Union Quad.

OSU News Release OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center to unveil Japanese dock exhibit on March 10
OSU to hold career fairs this Wednesday, Thursday
OSU treats horse for equine influenza; warns horse owners to be vigilant

A horse from Eastern Oregon that was referred to OSU’s veterinary teaching hospital because of illness has been diagnosed with equine influenza virus, a highly contagious respiratory disease in horses.

Starker Lectures to explore forest biomass issues
Events, tours to recognize Linus Pauling Day
OSU to honor two faculty leaders as "Distinguished Professors"
OSU News Release Survey: Climate change a concern, not a priority to coastal leaders

A new survey has found that Oregon coastal leaders are concerned about climate change, but slow to address it because of other priorities - a weak economy and preparing for an earthquake/tsunami.

OSU News Release Author to take audience on exploration of animals' inner world on March 7
OSU News Release Study: Climate change impact on stream flow differs according to location

A new study found that large, snow-fed rivers including the Willamette, McKenzie and Deschutes, may actually be more sensitive to climate change impacts because of steep terrain and geology.

OSU leads effort to help local schools recruit, support dual-career couples

Oregon State University is helping to address the concerns of dual-career couples by taking the lead in establishing the Greater Oregon Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, a branch of the national organization that helps proactively address dual-career concerns.

Magnetic storage graphic Researchers invent "acoustic-assisted" magnetic information storage

OSU engineers have invented a new technology that could improve the magnetic storage of data, with many possible applications in a field that is nearing the limits of data storage with existing approaches.

Donald Pettit OSU alum, NASA astronaut to discuss space experiences

OSU engineering alumnus and NASA astronaut Donald Pettit will speak on "Techno-Stories from Space" in a presentation on Friday, Feb. 22, at the LaSells Stewart Center.

Infected bacerium A war without end - with Earth's carbon cycle held in the balance

A major battle is going on between the most abundant organism in the oceans, and a virus that's now known to attack it. The results have implications for the Earth's carbon balance.

Equipment installation Construction begins on test facility for new nuclear energy concept

OSU is beginning construction on a system that will test an innovative type of nuclear reactor, one that could not only produce electricity but also hydrogen gas, direct steam power for buidlings or a better way to desalinate water.

New OSU wheat resists stripe rust, bakes well
Computer science student Ecampus ranked fourth in nation among public research universities

OSU's distance education program has been ranked fourth best in the nation among public research universities, and is continuing to grow and expand its offerings.

Auditions held Feb. 18-19 for "The Misanthrope"
OSU News Release OSU study: Salmon may use magnetic field as a navigational aid

A new study led by an OSU post-doctoral researcher suggests that salmon may use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate their way across the ocean and get close to their river of origin.

Spoken word artist performs at OSU on Feb. 22
OSU News Release OSU's Weatherford Awards, celebrating entrepreneurs and innovation, held Feb. 21
OSU News Release Visiting poet to read from her work on Feb. 15
Some omega-3 oils better than others for protection against liver disease

Some omega-3 fatty acids work better than others to protect against liver disease, a problem that's rapidly getting worse as more people become overweight or obese.

Worldwide amphibian extinctions discussed at Science Pub
Campus forum to discuss safety issues, community involvement
OSU News Release Three Sisters opens Feb. 14 at OSU

Anton Chekhov’s classic family drama “Three Sisters” will be shown in February as part of Oregon State University Theatre’s 2012-2013 Season of Style.

January - 2013
OSU News Release OSU President Ray announces major gifts, outlines other successes

OSU President Edward J. Ray painted a picture of a vibrant, robust institution Thursday in his “State of the University” address and described OSU as an “authentic community of accomplishment.”

$5 million gift to advance OSU performing arts

OSU has received a $5 million gift commitment to advance its performing arts programs and its emerging leadership in digital arts, performance technology and communication.

OSU receives $20 million in private support for engineering research facility

Peter and Rosalie Johnson have committed $7 million to create a new educational and research facility in the College of Engineering at OSU, which will become part of the funding for a new $40 million structure.

OSU creates small-kerneled hazelnut for confection market
OSU News Release NSF selects OSU to lead project rejuvenating U.S. research fleet

The National Science Foundation has chosen OSU as lead institution on a project to design and coordinate construction of as many as three new coastal research vessels - a grant that could total $290 million.

OSU News Release Academic gains found among high risk kids in Head Start

A new study by Oregon State University researchers finds that Head Start can make a positive impact in the lives of some of its highest risk children, both academically and behaviorally.

Michael Wing OSU forming consortium in new field of unmanned aerial remote sensing

OSU is creating a consortium to advance a new field of unmanned aerial remote sensing, with a wide variety of applications in land management, agriculture, forestry and other areas.

OSU study: Cows fed flaxseed produce more nutritious dairy products
Garden smarter, not harder if you have disabilities
Tiny wasp could be stink bug's foe
Second attack prompts warnings by police for caution

Law enforcement officials in Corvallis and at Oregon State University are urging students and local residents to use caution, especially at night, after a woman was assaulted and attacked Saturday (Jan. 26) off campus.

OSU News Release Study: Taking stairs, raking leaves may equal a trip to the gym

New research suggests the health benefits of small amounts of activity, even as small as one and two minute increments, can be just as beneficial as longer bouts of physical exercise achieved by a trip to the gym.

OSU's nutrition campaign makes kids 'Food Heroes'
New and seasoned farmers to swap stories at OSU conference
OSU News Release No more "empty nest": middle-aged adults face pressure on both sides

The "empty nest" of middle-aged adults has become much more full than it used to be, with an economic recession keeping the kids at home and aging parents adding burdens that were not anticipated.

OSU hosts Food Network personality Jet Tila at "Lunar New Year" celebration

Acclaimed chef and Food Network television personality Jet Tila will visit Oregon State University on Feb. 7, where he will meet the campus community and public and prepare a feast as part of OSU’s Lunar New Year celebration.

OSU News Release OSU faculty member and poet to read from her work on Feb. 1
Lab research Respiratory infection strategy: get a flu shot, and get enough vitamin D

As the nation faces one of its worst influenza epidemics in recent years, a range of studies suggest that adequate levels of vitamin D can help prevent upper respiratory infections.

Residents near Chinese e-waste site face greater cancer risk
OSU News Release Analysis: Scientists underestimated potential for Tohoku quake. Now what?

A new analysis of maximum earthquake potential acknowledges that scientists historically have underestimated the number of areas capable of producing a massive earthquake.

OSU forensics team takes home wins from recent debate scrimmage
Colleen Bee In sports, the story - not the victor - makes the difference in enjoyment

In sports, people like to root for the hero and against the bad person, but in the end they are more interested in an exciting game and will enjoy it regardless of the outcome.

Ornamental fish Ornamental fish industry faces problems with antibiotic resistance

The ornamental fish industry is facing increasing concerns with antibiotic-resistant diseases, raising problems for that industry as well as questions about human health impact.

Pacific Marine Energy Center Newport selected as home of Pacific Marine Energy Center

The Pacific Marine Energy Center will be located in Newport, Ore., to serve as the first utility-scale, grid-connected wave energy test facility in the United States.

OSU kicks off two-week MLK celebration

Oregon State University is holding its annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration starting this week, with the theme “Reclaiming the R{evolution}ary Dream.” Events take place through Jan. 25

"Food for Thought" lectures on ag, food biotechnology begin in January
OSU and the City of Corvallis want bikers and pedestrians to Be Bright!

In an effort to encourage bike and pedestrian safety on campus and around Corvallis, Oregon State University and the City of Corvallis are inviting the public to the Memorial Union Quad on Thursday, Jan. 17, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., for a special  “Be Bright!” event

Georgia turf expert heads to OSU for greener grass
Eight 4-H clubs qualify for state robotics championship
Student research Oregon State University Advantage to spur education, economic growth

The Oregon State University Advantage program should increase research, enhance student education and aid the growth of Oregon business, industry, jobs and the economy.

OSU News Release Northwest poets to read from their work on Jan. 18 at OSU
Plum Creek commits $500,000 for OSU water-quality research
OSU News Release First study of Oregon's Hmong reveals surprising influences on cancer screenings

The study, recently published online in Health Education Research, is the first to look at the role of Hmong patriarchal and family influences on women’s breast and cervical cancer screening.

New electronics for a sustainable world
OSU installs ADA parking sensors that can be checked via mobile devices

Visitors, students and staff at Oregon State University looking for accessible parking spaces on campus can now use their mobile devices to check for space availability.

OSU aims to increase blueberry yields with bumblebees
OSU News Release Physical education requirement at four-year universities at all-time low

Even as policy makers and health experts point to an increased need for exercise, more than half of four-year colleges and universities have dropped physical education requirements compared to historic levels.

OSU News Release Study finds prey density more important to predators than biomass

An Oregon State University-led study of predators in the Bering Sea found that the density of prey is more important to their feeding strategies than the overall abundance of the prey.

OSU News Release New innovative book examines the 'Essential Cinema'
OSU News Release Poets David Biespiel and Wendy Willis to read at OSU Jan. 11
Cows that eat juniper risk losing calves, study says
New OSU crops expert in Malheur County aims to reduce pesticide use
December - 2012
OSU News Release 2012 weather: Bookend wet spells sandwich summer drought

2012 may go down as the warmest on record for the lower 48 states, but Oregon will remember the year for its unusual combination of floods and drought.

OSU News Release The Last Supper exhibit comes to Corvallis Jan. 8 through Feb. 16

The Last Supper, a thought-provoking series of painted plates illustrating final meal requests of death row inmates in the United States, will be exhibited in Corvallis starting Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Normal skin Researchers discover genetic basis for eczema, new avenue to therapies

OSU pharmacists have discovered the genetic basis for eczema, a skin disease that affects millions of people around the world. The findings may open the door to new therapies.

Don't let disease foul your bird feeder
OSU aims to spice up rice with thiamine