October - 2014
OSU News Release Running robots of future may learn from world's best two-legged runners: birds

The best bipedal runners in the world may be birds, and OSU researchers are studying them to make better robots.

Top Oregon family businesses to be honored at Nov. 20 event

Several Oregon family businesses will be honored at the 2014 Excellence in Family Business Awards ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 20, at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland.

OSU News Release New study shows three abrupt pulse of CO2 during last deglaciation

A new study shows that the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide that contributed to the end of the last ice age was characterized by three “pulses” of rapid C02 increase.

OSU News Release Oral contraception may become renewed option for HIV-positive women

New research has found that HIV-positive women receiving one of the most common forms of drug therapy should be able to use at least some forms of oral contraceptives for birth control.

OSU News Release Lubchenco receives World Academy of Sciences Medal

Jane Lubchenco, the University Distinguished Professor and Advisor in Marine Studies at Oregon State University and former NOAA administrator, has received The World Academy of Sciences Medal.

OSU News Release H.J. Andrews research forest federal funding renewed

Research and education at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, one of the nation’s premier ecological science sites, has received a six-year, $6.7 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

Fall OSU celebrates newest student resource, Ettihad Cultural Center

Oregon State University’s newest cultural center is having a grand opening celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 28, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Memorial Union Horizon Room (49). 

Intel 'futurist' to speak Oct. 28 at Oregon State University

Brian David Johnson, the futurist at Intel Corp., will speak at Oregon State University Oct. 28.

OSU News Release Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator accepting applications

The Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator program will begin its next cohort in January, and is now seeking participants.

OSU News Release Widely recognized OSU toxicologist dies, will receive Discovery Award

George Bailey, a toxicologist and international expert on carcinogenesis and cancer prevention, died at age 73.

Oregon State University to offer religious studies degree program

The religious studies degree at Oregon State will emphasize religious literacy, helping students understand how religion shapes the world and affects society.

OSU News Release Board hears report on student policies, sexual misconduct, OSU programs

The OSU Board of Trustees on Friday heard a report outlining extensive efforts by the university to improve success for students while in school and following graduation.

OSU News Release A child's poor decision-making skills can predict later behavior problems, research shows

Children who show poor decision-making skills may be more likely to experience difficulties that have the potential to lead to high-risk health behavior in their teen years.

Former OSU forestry dean Hal Salwasser dies at 69

Former OSU forestry dean Hal Salwasser died at his home in Corvallis Wednesday night (Oct. 15) at the age of 69.

OSU News Release OSU campaign celebration to feature N.Y. Times columnist

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times will be the keynote speaker during a celebration of OSU's billion-dollar campaign.

OSU News Release OSU's Lubchenco honored for science communication efforts

Jane Lubchenco has received the Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication.

OSU Press publishes new book by Portland author Brian Doyle

The OSU Press has published a new book by Portland author Brian Doyle titled "Children and Other Wild Animals."

OSU News Release Study: Could sleeper sharks be preying on protected Steller sea lions?

Pacific sleeper sharks, a slow-moving species thought of as primarily a scavenger or predator of fish, may be preying on something larger – protected Steller sea lions in the Gulf of Alaska.

Oregon Hatchery Research Center to host open house, festival

The Oregon Hatchery Research Center will hold its annual Fall Creek Festival on Saturday, Nov. 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

OSU News Release Scientists discover carbonate rocks are unrecognized methane sink

Rocky assemblages known as authigenic carbonates in many oceans contain methane-eating microbes that constitute a previously unknown "sink" for this potent greenhouse gas.

OSU News Release Coast conference to explore marine issues

The State of the Coast conference on Oct. 25 in Florence will explore a range of issues related to Oregon's marine environment.

Photographer and conceptual artist John Hilliard to speak at OSU

British photographer and conceptual artist John Hilliard will speak about his work on Tuesday, Oct. 28, on the OSU campus in Corvallis.

OSU News Release OSU's first free, massive course attracts thousands worldwide

More than 3,187 students from around the world have enrolled in Oregon State University’s first massive open online course, or MOOC.

OSU News Release Lom'onaco to direct Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory

Pedro Lomónaco, an expert in coastal and maritime engineering, has been named the director of the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory.

OSU News Release Grant to enhance minority participation in STEM disciplines

A five-year, $3.44 million grant from the National Science Foundation will help improve STEM education at OSU and other collaborating universities.

OSU News Release Educated community no protection against a poor diet for children

Poor diets can affect even students from a highly educated community with easy access to quality food, a new OSU study suggests.

OSU News Release OSU president outlines a decade of accomplishments, new challenges for future

In an annual address to the Faculty Senate, President Edward Ray cited a decade of unprecedented growth and accomplishment, and new challenges facing OSU in the future.

Block Party celebrates new home of the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center

A “block party” celebration of the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center, which is currently under construction, will take place Oct. 17 at the center, located at 2320 S.W. Monroe Ave.

Be Well Run, Walk N' Roll celebrates fifth year

Runners, race walkers and anyone looking for a brisk fall stroll are invited to participate in a 5-kilometer run/1-mile walk on Oct. 17 at Oregon State University. It is free and open to the public.

OSU News Release Rivers recover natural conditions quickly following dam removal

Rivers can quickly return to their natural state, both physically and biologically, following removal of dams, a new study shows.

Valley Library celebrates 15 years

Oregon State University is celebrating the Valley Library’s 15th anniversary this month with guided tours led by student employees

Corvallis Science Pub focuses on Buddhism and science

At the Oct. 13 Corvallis Science Pub, Dee Denver, an associate professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University, will explore the intersection of these two traditions.

Fireworks display part of Beaver Nation celebration

Oregon State University is inviting students, faculty, staff and community members to Goss Stadium this Friday to celebrate being a part of “Beaver Nation” with free food, prizes and a fireworks show.

OSU News Release OSU researcher receives NIH award

Perry Hystad, an assistant professor of environmental and occupational health, is one of 17 winners of the NIH’s 2014 Early Independence Award.

Thursday night football game will impact OSU parking

Oregon State University students, staff and faculty should plan ahead as parking on campus will be a challenge on Thursday, Oct. 16, due to a 7 p.m. home football game against Utah.

OSU names Jay Noller new head of crop and soil science
OSU News Release OSU to present sixth International Film Festival Oct. 13-19

Oregon State University’s sixth International Film Festival, showcasing a diverse array of movies from international cultures, will be held Oct. 13-19 in Corvallis.

Oregon State to host hip-hop festival and concert Oct. 17

Oregon State University will host a Hip-Hop Festival, including an academic symposium and concert showcasing hip-hop music and culture, on Friday, Oct. 17.

OSU News Release Study finds air temperature models poor at predicting stream temps

Stream temperatures are expected to rise as a result of climate change, but a new study has found the correlation between air and stream temperatures surprisingly tenuous.

Visiting faculty members to read at Oregon State on Oct. 10

Authors Nick Dybek and Inara Verzemnieks will read from their work on Friday, Oct. 10, at the Valley Library.

OSU News Release OSU joins new education technology consortium

OSU has joined several leading research universities to create an education technology consortium called Unizin that will provide new ways to create and share digital educational content.

September - 2014
OSU News Release Task force outlines major initiatives to prepare for Pacific Northwest earthquake, tsunami

A Governor's Task Force led by Scott Ashford, dean of the College of Engineering, has outlined a significant, long-term effort to prepare for the major earthquake in Oregon's future.

OSU News Release Aspen recovering as wildlife populations shift in Yellowstone National Park

Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is undergoing dramatic shifts with consequences that are beginning to return the landscape to conditions not seen in nearly a century, according to a series of new studies.

Gas burner Childhood asthma linked to lack of ventilation for gas stoves, OSU study shows

A new Oregon State University study shows an association between gas kitchen stove ventilation and asthma, asthma symptoms and chronic bronchitis.

OSU News Release OSU Ecampus named best online education program in Oregon

The OSU Ecampus program has been named the top online education program in Oregon by TheBestSchools.org

Children with autism are more sedentary than their peers, new OSU study shows

A small study of 29 children, some with autism and some without, showed that children with autism spend 70 minutes more each day sitting than their peers.

New book details threats to the world's forests, offers solutions for conservation

As forestlands around the globe continue to diminish in the wake of human population growth and climate change, two leading scientists have written a new book in which they issue a call to action for forest conservation.

OSU News Release Anglers, beachcombers asked to watch for transponders from Japan

Scientists are asking coastal visitors to be on the lookout for "transponders" from Japan that are being used to track ocean currents that may bring tsunami debris to our shores.

OSU News Release Mechanized human hands: System designed to improve hand function lost to nerve damage

The OSU creation of a simple pulley mechanism for implantation in human hands may some day help restore grasping function for people with nerve damage.

Oregon GEAR UP Receives $18 Million for College Readiness

Oregon will receive $2.6 million a year for seven years for college readiness initiatives as part of the statewide GEAR UP program, the U.S. Department of Education has announced.

Auditions for OSU production of 'Mother Courage' to be held Oct. 1-2

Auditions for 'Mother Courage and Her Children,' the first production of Oregon State University Theatre’s 2014-15 season, will be held Oct. 1-2

OSU News Release OSU President Ray calls for university-wide effort to halt sexual assaults

Oregon State University President Edward J. Ray on Tuesday challenged all students, faculty, staff and community members to work together to end sexual violence.

OSU News Release "Brain Breaks" increase activity, educational performance in elementary schools

An exercise DVD created by the Healthy Youth Program at the Linus Pauling Institute may help promote short exercise breaks in elementary school classrooms.

Organic and conventional dairies show few differences in cow health and milk
Land policy changes would sequester more carbon and conserve habitat
OSU News Release Compound from hops aids cognitive function in young animals

A compound found in hobs and beer can improve cognitive function in young mice, and continues to be of interest to scientists studying the impacts of aging on health and memory.

OSU News Release OSU to move in most new students Sept. 23-24

Oregon State University will host its two main days of new resident move-in on Tuesday, Sept. 23, and Wednesday, Sept. 24.

OSU News Release Concern grows over pet pills and products, as well as those of owners

A new survey will address the emerging problem of disposal of pharmaceutical and personal care products - for both humans and pets - that have the potential to harm watersheds.

Lack of facial expression leads to perceptions of unhappiness, new OSU research shows

People with facial paralysis are perceived as being less happy simply because they can’t communicate in the universal language of facial expression, new OSU research shows.

OSU News Release OSU part of national alliance to help students

OSU and 10 other prominent research universities have formed a nationwide alliance aimed at helping retain and ultimately graduate more first-generation and low-income students.

OSU, City of Corvallis to celebrate first Good Neighbor Day

Oregon State University and the City of Corvallis are collaborating on the inaugural Good Neighbor Day Community Welcome on Sunday, Sept. 28.

OSU News Release Vitamin E intake critical during "the first 1000 days"

Adequate levels of vitamin E are especially critical for the very young, the elderly, and women who are or may become pregnant, a new report suggests.

OSU News Release Report urges individualized, cholesterol-targeted approach to heart disease and stroke

OSU pharmacy experts helped author a new national report to provide more individual guidance on who could best benefit from statin drugs to lower cholesterol.

OSU receives Gold designation for sustainability

Oregon State University has again received a “Gold” designation from STARS, the second highest rating a university can receive. 

OSU to celebrate Johnson Hall construction on Sept. 15

Oregon State University will celebrate the construction launch of its newest engineering building on Monday, Sept. 15, and the public is invited.

Even small stressors may be harmful to men's health, new OSU research shows

Older men who lead high-stress lives are likely to die earlier than the average for their peers, new research from Oregon State University shows.

OSU News Release Program expansion to continue progress with wave energy development

A new grant will allow the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center to expand its program to include research at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

OSU News Release OSU part of major grant to study Southern Ocean carbon cycle

A new six-year, $21 million initiative funded by the NSF will explore the role of carbon and heat exchanges in the vast Southern Ocean – and their potential impacts on climate change.

OSU News Release Study resolves discrepancy in Greenland temperatures during end of last ice age

A new study of three ice cores from Greenland, dating to the end of the last ice age, helps to resolve a long-standing paradox over when that warming occurred.

OSU News Release Use of dengue vaccine may cause short-term spikes in its prevalence

A vaccine for dengue fever or some other diseases like it could actually cause temporary spikes in incidence of the disease in the first years after they are used.

OSU launches new online programs to decrease high-risk alcohol use, sexual assaults

Oregon State University has introduced a new series of required online courses aimed at combating alcohol abuse and sexual assault.

OSU seeks public's help to transcribe historic letters from start of the Cold War

A portion of the records from Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists are now available in an online exhibit through the Special Collections & Archives Research Center at Oregon State University Libraries and Press, and help is being sought from the public to transcribe the letters in the collection.

OSU News Release Greener neighborhoods lead to better birth outcomes, new research shows

Mothers who live in greener neighborhoods are more likely to deliver at full term and their babies are born at higher weights, a new study shows.

OSU News Release NSF grant gives OSU unique materials characterization capability

A major new grant from the National Science Foundation to acquire a $1.4 million instrument package will enhance the materials science research at OSU.

OSU News Release Study: Pacific Northwest shows warming trend over past century-plus

Annual mean temperature in the Northwest has warmed by about 1.3 degrees (F) since the early 20th century – a warming trend that has been accelerating over the past 3-4 decades.

Grant will support, encourage women in academic STEM careers at OSU

A $3.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation will be used to improve conditions for women in the academic science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, disciplines.

August - 2014
OSU News Release Grant to improve STEM success among underrepresented students

A new $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation will help OSU increase retention and graduation rates of underrepresented students in STEM fields.

OSU News Release Intricate algae produce low-cost biosensors

OSU engineers are using diatoms, a type of single-celled algae, as a building block to create new types of biosensors.

Fungi that changed the world featured at Corvallis Science Pub

If you eat bread, drink beer or take antibiotics, thank the fungi that make these things possible. At the Sept. 8 Corvallis Science Pub, Joey Spatafora, a leading fungal biologist, will share the often-bizarre tales of this kingdom of life and reveal how human civilization would be so much poorer without it.

OSU News Release Businesses and government agencies increase Oregon State research funding in 2014

Oregon State University’s growing research enterprise achieved its second highest level of funding support ever, in the fiscal year that ended June 30 – $285 million in total grants and contracts to support work in public health, the environment, advanced engineering and projects to help develop Oregon’s and the nation’s economy.

OSU construction will impact game day traffic

Oregon State University opens its football season this Saturday, Aug. 30, with a 1 p.m. game against Portland State in Reser Stadium and OSU officials are urging Beaver fans to budget extra time for traffic and parking because of continuing construction on campus.

OSU News Release New degrees place OSU at forefront of robotics research and education

New master's and doctoral degrees in robotics will make OSU one of the national leaders in this growing field of study.

OSU News Release Study provides new look at ancient coastline, pathway for early Americans

The Northwest coast looked vastly different 14,000 years ago from what scientists previously thought, and the exposed land mass may have allowed the First Americans to enter the region.

OSU researchers tagging whales off southern California

OSU researchers are tagging blue and fin whales off southern California as a follow-up to their landmark 15-year analysis on blue whale distribution published last month.

OSU News Release Science study: Sunlight, not microbes, key to CO2 in Arctic

A new study published in Science concludes that sunlight, not bacteria, is the key to converting organic carbon stored in Arctic tundra into carbon dioxide.

OSU sociologist: Policy will determine economic impact of legal marijuana

The economic impact of legalizing marijuana in Oregon is difficult to estimate because the potential market will depend in large part on policy decisions, according to sociologist Seth Crawford.

OSU News Release OSU research helps Chinese crested terns make comeback

Researchers established a new breeding colony for one of the world’s most endangered seabirds  – the Chinese crested tern – which had a global population of fewer than 50 birds.

OSU among top 50 colleges in US for LGBT students

Oregon State University received a five-out-of-five star rating from Campus Pride, ranking it among the top 50 colleges in the United States for LGBT students 

OSU News Release First tagging study of Antarctic minke whales shows unique feeding

Scientists for the first time have used tags to track the behavior of Antarctic minke whales and discovered that they feed in ways unique from other species.

OSU News Release Few surfers are deterred by ocean bacteria that makes them sick

Health warnings issued when beaches have high levels of bacteria do not keep many surfers out of the water, according to a new study by Oregon State University.

New book details world-wide research on Douglas-fir

The Forest Research Laboratory at Oregon State University has published “Douglas-fir: The Genus Pseudotsuga,” which details more than a century of research.

Walmart and The Walmart Foundation award OSU grant to help boost U.S. manufacturing

OSU has received one of the first seven grants from the Walmart U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund created by Walmart and The Walmart Foundation to help accelerate manufacturing in the U.S.

OSU News Release Lionfish characteristics make them more "terminator" than predator

Lionfish are so voracious in eating prey in the Atlantic Ocean that they sometimes can drive populations to local extinction, a type of behavior far more aggressive than most native predators.

OSU News Release Scientists discover the miracle of how geckos move, cling to ceilings

Researchers have created a model that can explain how geckos perform some of their remarkable feats, like running on a ceiling.

City manager to lead OSU Foundation's athletics fundraising

James “Jim” Patterson, city manager and CEO of the City of Corvallis, has been named the OSU Foundation's new lead fundraiser for OSU athletics.

OSU News Release ChickTech encourages girls to enter technology fields

An OSU workshop on Aug. 23-24 called ChickTech is designed to encourage high school girls to enter computer and technical fields.

OSU News Release OSU joining "badges" movement, new concept in education credentials

OSU is joining a new national movement to create "badges" that recognize learning, and offer an online credential of education and knowledge.

OSU News Release Racial makeup of private prisons shows disparities, new OSU study finds

A disproportionate number of Hispanics are housed in private prisons across the United States, a pattern that could leave such prisons vulnerable to legal challenges.

Three OSU faculty members named fellows of American Geophysical Union

Three OSU faculty members have been named 2014 fellows of the American Geophysical Union. They are the only three fellows in this class from the state of Oregon.

OSU News Release Schellman to head physics department

Heidi Schellman, an expert on high energy physics, has been appointed to head the Department of Physics in the OSU College of Science.