May - 2024

May - 2024
Graphic depicting cathode chemistry Iron could be key to less expensive, greener lithium-ion batteries, research finds

A collaboration co-led by an Oregon State University chemistry researcher is hoping to spark a green battery revolution by showing that iron instead of cobalt and nickel can be used as a cathode material in lithium-ion batteries.

Image shows jazz artist esperanza spalding in front of a copper-colored curtain; she's wearing a green velvet jacket with "life force" written across the back, and she's looking at the camera over her right shoulder. OSU arts center PRAx announces 2024-25 season lineup, including artist-in-residence esperanza spalding

Tickets are now on sale for the 2024-2025 season at the Patricia Valian Reser Center for the Creative Arts (PRAx) at Oregon State University, which includes performances by PRAx’s inaugural artist-in-residence, jazz luminary and five-time Grammy award winner esperanza spalding.

A gray whale swimming in kelp. Source: GEMM Lab, Marine Mammal Institute, Oregon State University. Photos and videos collected under NOAA/NMFS research permit #16111. A rise in sea urchins and related damage to kelp forests impacts Oregon’s gray whales and their food

A recent boom in the purple sea urchin population off the southern Oregon Coast appears to have had an indirect and negative impact on the gray whales that usually forage in the region, a new study shows.

Image shows a stalk of camas with a cluster of blue-violet star-shaped flowers. Photo by Jon Boeckenstedt. Legacy of Indigenous stewardship of camas dates back more than 3,500 years, OSU study finds

An Oregon State University study found evidence that Indigenous groups in the Pacific Northwest were intentionally harvesting edible camas bulbs at optimal stages of the plant’s maturation as far back as 3,500 years ago.

Image of exterior of Austin Hall at Oregon State University, home of the College of Business. Evolving market dynamics foster consumer inattention that can lead to risky purchases

Researchers have developed a new theory of how changing market conditions can lead large numbers of otherwise cautious consumers to buy risky products such as subprime mortgages, cryptocurrency or even cosmetic surgery procedures.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State Board of Trustees approves 2025 fiscal year budget

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees on Friday approved a $1.84 billion budget to support university operations for the 2024-25 fiscal year.

Valley Library Four from Oregon State earn placement into Fulbright U.S. Student Program

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University has placed four in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program for the 2024-25 academic year, giving OSU 52 Fulbrighters over the past 11 years.

Up close image of slice of Antarctic ice core that shows air bubbles containing ancient gasses Researchers identify fastest rate of natural carbon dioxide rise over the last 50,000 years

Today’s rate of atmospheric carbon dioxide increase is 10 times faster than at any other point in the past 50,000 years, researchers have found through a detailed chemical analysis of ancient Antarctic ice.

microcosm with selective ecotoxicity Research explores ways to mitigate the environmental toxicity of ubiquitous silver nanoparticles

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Silver has long been used to thwart the spread of illness and in recent years silver nanoparticles have been incorporated into products ranging from sanitizers, odor-resistant clothes and washing machines to makeup, food packaging and sports equipment.

Image shows Prof. Mike Olsen with graduate student Dana Lind wearing a bright yellow safety vest as they look at a scanner perched on a tripod. Oregon State University uses 3D scanning to map historical structures at Silver Falls State Park

Oregon State University researchers are helping preserve the legacy of Silver Falls State Park by using three-dimensional scanning to produce digital replicas of the park’s historical structures.

Palau National Marine Sanctuary, photo by Jenna Sullivan-Stack Oregon State scientists, collaborators say ocean biodiversity work needs improvement

CORVALLIS, Ore. – An international collaboration that includes two Oregon State University scientists says the world’s largest marine protected areas aren’t collectively delivering the biodiversity benefits they could be because of slow implementation of management strategies and a failure to restrict the most impactful human activities.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State Board of Trustees to consider 2025 fiscal year budget on May 17

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet May 16 and 17 and consider acceptance of the 2025 fiscal year university operating budget.

College of Pharmacy building Oregon State researchers develop device for better delivery of gene therapy for lung disease

PORTLAND, Ore. – Drug delivery researchers at Oregon State University have developed a device with the potential to improve gene therapy for patients with inherited lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis.

Marbled murrelet, photo by Brett Lovelace Artificial intelligence enhances monitoring of threatened marbled murrelet

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Artificial intelligence analysis of data gathered by acoustic recording devices is a promising new tool for monitoring the marbled murrelet and other secretive, hard-to-study species, research by Oregon State University and the U.S. Forest Service has shown.

April - 2024

April - 2024
Image of Austin Hall with spring tree blossoms in the frame Top Oregon family businesses to be honored by OSU College of Business

A lumber company, nursery wholesaler, food distributor, a taproom and a college student with an interest in serving family businesses will be honored May 7 at the Excellence in Family Business Awards presented by the Oregon State University College of Business.

Image shows hands holding a ferret, who is dressed up very nicely with a yellow felt hat and a little blue dress with a white collar. The ferret also has a tiny yellow knit purse with a stuffed bunny on it. She is slaying. OSU’s annual Pet Day event is back on May 4, so get your pets’ ‘Star Wars’ costumes ready

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University’s popular Pet Day event returns this year on Saturday, May 4, and humans and animals alike are invited to don “Star Wars”-themed costumes in honor of “May the Fourth.”

Research showcases Indigenous stewardship’s role in forest ecosystem resilience

Oregon State University researchers have teamed with the Karuk Tribe to create a novel computer simulation model that showcases Indigenous fire stewardship’s role in forest ecosystem health.

Gokova Bay, Turkey, marine protected area. Photo by Zafer Kizilkaya. More progress needed on ocean protection, Oregon State scientists tell global conference

CORVALLIS, Ore. – World governments and other leadership bodies are taking vital steps to protect the ocean but more progress is urgently needed, Oregon State University scientists reported today at the eighth Our Ocean Conference in Athens.

Chinook salmon in a river Reproductive success improves after a single generation in the wild for descendants of some hatchery-origin Chinook salmon

Researchers who created “family trees” for nearly 10,000 fish found that first-generation, wild-born descendants of hatchery-origin Chinook salmon in an Oregon river show improved fitness.

New magenta pigment and its crystal structure Oregon State researchers advance pigment chemistry with moon-inspired reddish magentas

CORVALLIS, Oregon – An Oregon State University researcher who made color history in 2009 with a vivid blue pigment has developed durable, reddish magentas inspired by lunar mineralogy and ancient Egyptian chemistry.

A psychadelic-60s style logo in the stylized shape of an orange and purple fish spells out "Oregon State Phish Studies Conference 2.0 May 17-19, 2024." Logo by Ryan Kerrigan. OSU hosting second Phish Studies Conference May 17-19, building on partnerships and scholarship from 2019

Five years after the first-ever academic conference to focus on the music, business and culture of jam band Phish, organizers are reconvening at Oregon State University May 17-19 for a weekend of panels, workshops, art exhibitions and concerts.

Using a blend of western science and Indigenous Knowledge, Ashley Russell, left, and Tessa Chesonis survey random areas in the forest. Russell is the interim director of culture and natural resources for the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua, Indigenous Knowledge, western science braided into recommendations for land managers

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Two Oregon State University faculty are among the lead authors of a report that combines Indigenous Knowledge and western science for the purpose of informing future climate-adapted land management decisions across the United States.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Three Oregon State University students named as Goldwater Scholars

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Three third-year undergraduate students at Oregon State University have been selected as 2024 Goldwater Scholars by the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation.


Oregon State Board of Trustees approves tuition rates, accepts 10-year business forecast

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees on Friday approved tuition rates and student fees for the 2024-25 school year and accepted an updated 10-year business forecast.

Gift honors Pulitzer Prize-winning author, former Oregon State faculty member Bernard Malamud

The family of Bernard Malamud, a former Oregon State University faculty member and one of the most influential post-World War II American Jewish writers, has made a gift supporting the university’s writing program, where Malamud developed his literary career.

Wide-angle shot of the main entrance of PRAx, a new building on OSU's campus with a dark gray overhanging second story, large inset windows trimmed in blond wood and a wall of windows showing the first-floor lobby. Oregon State’s new creative arts center PRAx invites public for grand opening Saturday, April 6

Oregon State University’s new Patricia Valian Reser Center for the Creative Arts will host an open house from noon to 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 6, to celebrate the center’s inaugural season.

March - 2024

March - 2024
aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State Board of Trustees to review 10-year business forecast and proposed tuition rates on April 5

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet April 4 and 5 to consider acceptance of the updated 10-year business forecast and approval of tuition rates and student fees for the 2024-25 school year.

A collage of 6 photos of dogs who participated in the study, all of them very cute and very good boys and girls. Oregon State dog-training program helps increase physical activity among kids with disabilities

By engaging regularly with their family dog and teaching it a series of tricks and commands, children with developmental disabilities experienced a significant increase in their daily physical activity, a new study from Oregon State University researchers found.

Ant-mimicking spider in fossilized resin Research uncovers a rare resin fossil find: A spider that aspires to be an ant

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Arachnophobia can make humans flee at the sight of a brown recluse, black widow or even a daddy long legs, but animal predators of spiders know no such fear.

Umpqua dunes, photo by John Schaefer At Oregon State, shifting sands were a research focus long before ‘Dune’ movie craze

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Three years after the release of “Dune,” a film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic 1965 sci-fi novel, “Dune: Part Two” is reigniting the public’s fascination with sandy environs and humanity’s efforts to reshape them.

U-Pick flowers at a Willamette Valley farm. In agritourism, producers combine farming with aspects of tourism. New OSU study values annual economic impact of Willamette Valley agritourism at nearly $1 billion

Agritourism can take the form of farm-direct sales, education, entertainment, outdoor recreation and hospitality.

Pacific sideband snail. Photo by William P. Leonard Product that kills agricultural pests also deadly to native Pacific Northwest snail

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A product used to control pest slugs on farms in multiple countries is deadly to least one type of native woodland snail endemic to the Pacific Northwest, according to scientists who say more study is needed before the product gains approval in the United States.

Bright yellow ocean glider to collect scientific data in the ocean. Hypoxia is widespread and increasing in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest coast

Low oxygen conditions that pose a significant threat to marine life are widespread and increasing in coastal Pacific Northwest ocean waters as the climate warms, a new study shows.

OSU engineering professor David Hill, shown here in New Zealand's Craigieburn Range, is co-leader of the Community Observations + YOU project, one of six citizen science projects funded by NASA to improve understanding of our physical environment. Photo b Oregon State researchers take deep dive into how much water is stored in snow

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A heavy snowpack is fun for skiers and sledders, and it also acts like an open-air storage tank that melts away to provide water for drinking, irrigation and other purposes during dry months.

A simulation of how OSU Extension in Clatsop County creates a livestream of eggs being hatched in an incubator. Watch chickens hatch on OSU Extension’s popular livestream

The livestream started today and will document the chicks as they hatch. The cameras will remain on until March 21. The expected hatch date is March 18.

Marine heat waves disrupt the ocean food web in the northeast Pacific Ocean

Marine heat waves in the northeast Pacific Ocean create ongoing and complex disruptions of the ocean food web that may benefit some species but threaten the future of many others, a new study has shown.

Gun manufacturers’ ads appeal to women as ‘serious students’ of firearms to boost sales

Gun manufacturers are appealing to women as “serious students” of firearms in their advertising – a shift in strategy over the last two decades that may be contributing to increased gun sales, a new study shows.


Oregon State receives $10 million grant to work with 13 Native American Tribes on hemp economic development

Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center has received a $10 million grant to work with 13 Native American Tribes to spur economic development in the western United States by developing manufacturing capabilities for materials and products made from hemp.

Water at the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area Oregon State researchers make key advance toward removing pesticide from groundwater

Scientists led by an Oregon State University chemistry researcher are closing in on a new tool for tackling the global problem of weedkiller-tainted groundwater.

Researchers closing in on genetic treatments for hereditary lung disease, vision loss

Researchers who work with tiny drug carriers known as lipid nanoparticles have developed a new type of material capable of reaching the lungs and the eyes, an important step toward genetic therapy for hereditary conditions like cystic fibrosis and inherited vision loss.

February - 2024

February - 2024
Hoary bat at sea. Will Kennerley photo courtesy the MOSAIC Project. Oregon State University researchers are first to see at-risk bat flying over open ocean

CORVALLIS, Ore. – On a research cruise focused on marine mammals and seabirds, Oregon State University scientists earned an unexpected bonus: The first-ever documented sighting of a hoary bat flying over the open ocean.

A planning board shows when and where vegetable seeds are being planted in a garden. Free Level Up series offered by OSU Extension Master Gardeners focuses on growing food

The series includes nine closed-captioned webinars will be broadcast at noon via Zoom and streamed via the Master Gardener Facebook page on the second Tuesday of the month through October.

Close up image of Dungeness crabs Oregon State leads effort to expand ocean oxygen monitoring sensor use in fishing industry

Oregon State University researchers are leading an effort to refine the design and expand use of oxygen monitoring sensors that can be deployed in fishing pots to relay critical information on changing ocean conditions to the fishing industry.

Ringtail photo by Jonathan Armstrong, Oregon State University Study provides rare glimpse of the ringtail, an important but poorly understood predator

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Secretive species can pose special conservation challenges simply because they are so skilled at staying under the radar that researchers have uncovered comparatively little about their basic needs.

Marys Peak, highest point in the Oregon Coast Range. Photo by Steve Lundeberg, Oregon State University. Cooler, wetter parts of Pacific Northwest likely to see more fires, new simulations predict

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Forests in the coolest, wettest parts of the western Pacific Northwest are likely to see the biggest increases in burn probability, fire size and number of blazes as the climate continues to get warmer and drier, according to new modeling led by an Oregon State University scientist.

Oregon State alumnus, NFL great Steven Jackson to give commencement address on June 15

Steven Jackson, an Oregon State University alumnus, former Beavers football player and star NFL running back, will deliver the commencement address at the university’s 155th commencement ceremony

Even very low levels of pesticide exposure can affect fish for generations, study finds

Fish exposed to some pesticides at extremely low concentrations for a brief period of time can demonstrate lasting behavioral changes, with the impact extending to offspring that were never exposed firsthand, a recent study found.

Front view of Milam Hall, red-brick building at OSU, home of many College of Health offices Oregon State study sheds light on links between cognitive and motor skill development in children with autism

A recent study by Oregon State University researchers highlighted the ways motor skills and cognitive skills develop in connection with each other in young children with autism, and found an opportunity for behavioral and physical therapists to work together to improve care.

Vanadium, one of the CO2 capture materials, displaying a brilliant deep purple color (image provided by May Nyman, chemistry professor, OSU College of Science). Oregon State University research makes key advance for capturing carbon from the air

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A chemical element so visually striking that it was named for a goddess shows a “Goldilocks” level of reactivity – neither too much nor too little – that makes it a strong candidate as a carbon scrubbing tool.

Stock image of Waldo Hall; building is old-fashioned yellow brick with red at the top and black roofs on the spires. Whether cesarean or vaginal, childbirth experiences greatly affected by ‘dehumanizing’ treatment, OSU study finds

Whether delivering via cesarean or vaginally, patients’ overall experiences and perceptions of childbirth are largely determined by the kind of treatment they receive from their medical providers and whether they feel seen and heard, a recent Oregon State University study found.

Oregon State earns 10th straight top-10 national ranking for online education

Oregon State University has been ranked one of the nation’s 10 best online education providers for the 10th consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report — an accomplishment no other institution in the country can claim.

Drone in hand, photo by Karl Maasdam One person can supervise ‘swarm’ of 100 unmanned autonomous vehicles, OSU research shows

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Research involving Oregon State University has shown that a “swarm” of more than 100 autonomous ground and aerial robots can be supervised by one person without subjecting the individual to an undue workload.

OSU names AVP of economic development and industry relations

Rebecca Robinson has been appointed associate vice president for the newly formed economic development and industry relations office at Oregon State University and also will serve as senior advisor for strategic initiatives at OSU-Cascades. She will start on April 15.

January - 2024

January - 2024
Oregon State receives $3.5 million grant to develop barley varieties for chefs, brewers, farmers

Oregon State University will use a $3.5 million grant to lead a multi-state effort focused on developing new varieties of naked or hulless barley that appeal to chefs, brewers, distillers and farmers.

Spray coating for grapes shows promise in battle between wildfire smoke and wine

Spray on coatings for grapes in the vineyard have promise in preventing off flavors in wines that result from contact with wildfire smoke, according to new Oregon State University research.

A student learns how to plant and grow microgreens in 2023 at Woodlawn K-5 School in Portland. The students used seeds from Food Hero Grow This! classroom seed-starting kits. OSU Extension statewide seed giveaway returns for fifth year

Individuals and households, schools and groups can sign up to receive an individual/household seed kit, group kit or seed-starting teacher classroom kit through the mail. 

Marine heat waves trigger shift in hatch dates and early growth of Pacific cod

Marine heat waves appear to trigger earlier reproduction, high mortality in early life stages and fewer surviving juvenile Pacific cod in the Gulf of Alaska, a new study from Oregon State University shows.

Snags serve as homes and feeding grounds for a host of vertebrate species Study offers rare long-term analysis of techniques for creating standing dead trees for wildlife habitat

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Ecologists have long known that standing dead trees, commonly referred to as snags, are an important habitat element for forest dwellers and act as a driver of biodiversity.

Indigenous stewardship of forests topic of Feb. 7 Oregon State Science Pub

Indigenous stewardship of Pacific Northwest forests as a way of increasing forests’ climate resiliency, particularly related to wildfires, will be the topic of Oregon State University’s Science Pub on Feb. 7.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State Board of Trustees approves presidential compensation adjustment, elects board officers

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees on Friday approved a presidential compensation adjustment and elected board officers.

An image from a Veterans Day ceremony at OSU shows an older man wearing a baseball cap that says "Always a Marine." OSU study: Veterans’ PTSD symptoms affected by factors like service appraisal, social support

Military veterans’ individual perceptions of their combat experiences and the social supports they receive when they return home are greater predictors of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms than the specific conflict in which they served, a new Oregon State University study found.

John V. Byrne, Oregon State’s 12th president, dies at age 95

John V. Byrne, who served as Oregon State University’s 12th president from 1984 to 1995 after leading the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, died Thursday. He was 95. 

blueberry bush Prune blueberries yearly for more fruit

Annual, moderate pruning of blueberry bushes results in bushes with the fewest canes, but with the greatest yields and largest berries.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State Board of Trustees to discuss election of board officers, presidential pay on Jan. 19

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet remotely Jan. 18 and 19 to consider election of board officers, a presidential compensation adjustment and a debt resolution of long-term refinancing.

Electric vehicle, photo by U.S. Department of Energy Scientists outline a bold solution to climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice

CORVALLIS, Ore. – An international team of scientists led by Oregon State University researchers has used a novel 500-year dataset to frame a “restorative” pathway through which humanity can avoid the worst ecological and social outcomes of climate change.

Bombus flavidus female lateral. Photo by Josh Dunlap, Oregon Department of Agriculture. New online guides will aid in identification of native bees in Pacific Northwest

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Pollinator enthusiasts and scientists have new online tools to identify native bees in the Pacific Northwest.

Chinook salmon Vitamin discovered in rivers may offer hope for salmon suffering from thiamine deficiency disease

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University researchers have discovered vitamin B1 produced by microbes in rivers, findings that may offer hope for vitamin-deficient salmon populations.

Oregon State hosts discussion about universities’ role in reviving civil discourse

Two scholars with Ivy League ties will speak Jan. 22 at Oregon State University about the need for universities to lead the way in reviving the art of civil discourse in a society increasingly characterized by division and confrontation.

December - 2023

December - 2023
James Johnston takes samples to look for evidence of past fire in the southern part of Willamette National Forest. Photo by Mike Coughlan, University of Oregon. Western Cascades landscapes in Oregon historically burned more often than previously thought

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Forests on the west slope of Oregon’s Cascade Range experienced fire much more often between 1500 and 1895 than had been previously thought, according to new research by scientists at Oregon State University.

Ashley Thompson inspecting pear tree. Get a leg up on fruit tree problems with dormant oils

Applying dormant sprays – Superior oil, copper and sulfur – helps control nasty pests and diseases like codling moths and apple scab.

Talk by Keeanga-Yamahatta Taylor highlights Oregon State’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration

Oregon State University’s 42nd annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration will take place next month and be highlighted by a keynote address by scholar, author and activist Keeanga-Yamahatta Taylor on Jan. 31.

Scientists collect aardvark poop to understand how the species is impacted by climate in Africa

In a first-of-its-kind study of aardvarks, Oregon State University researchers spent months in sub-Saharan Africa collecting poop from the animal and concluded that aridification of the landscape is isolating them, which they say could have implications for their long-term survival.

OSU coral researcher Alex Vompe off the north shore of Mo'orea (photo by Mackenzie Kawahara). Some coral species might be more resilient to climate change than previously thought

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Some coral species can be resilient to marine heat waves by “remembering” how they lived through previous ones, research by Oregon State University scientists suggests.

New study eyes nutrition-rich chia seed for potential to improve human health

Oregon State University scientists have sequenced the chia genome and in doing so provided a blueprint for future research that capitalizes on the nutritional and human health benefits of the plant.

Local authorities respond to the 2020 Slater fire in Happy Camp, California, during the first day of explosive fire growth after which over 90,000 acres were burned and over 200 homes were lost.  (photo by Will Harling,   director of the Mid Klamath Water Oregon State working on bridging gaps in understanding community resilience to wildfire

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Wildfire researchers from Oregon State University have received $750,000 for multiple projects to bridge a knowledge gap between forestry and engineering regarding how communities are affected by major fire events.

Donald Phillips New position at Oregon State University focuses on veteran, military student mental health

Donald Phillips is the university’s first mental health and wellness coordinator for the military connected community

November - 2023

November - 2023
Image shows a closeup of the comb in a honey bee hive, but most of the cells are dark brown in color, indicating the larvae inside have been infected with European foulbrood disease and are dying. Oregon State researchers lead $4.2 million USDA grant to study disease plaguing honey bees

Researchers at Oregon State University have received a $4.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to study European foulbrood disease, which is killing honey bees and affecting pollination of specialty crops.

Gravitational waves discovery topic of Dec. 6 Oregon State Science Pub

The discovery related to gravitational waves which made international headlines earlier this year and was predicted by Albert Einstein more than a century ago will be the topic of Oregon State University’s Science Pub on Dec. 6.

Photo by Steve Lundeberg, OSU News and Research Communications. Road. Forest modeling shows which harvest rotations lead to maximum carbon sequestration

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Forest modeling by Oregon State University scientists shows that a site’s productivity – an indicator of how fast trees grow and how much biomass they accumulate – is the main factor that determines which time period between timber harvests allows for maximum above-ground carbon sequestration.

X-ray tomography-based 3D visualizations of microbial biofilm architecture and distribution in porous media columns. The experiments represent three different flow rates, varying three orders of magnitude (slowest on the left, fastest on the right). The g OSU, NASA partnership will send microbes to space to see how they grow in low gravity

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Two Oregon State University College of Engineering faculty members are partnering with NASA on a $525,000 National Science Foundation project to examine the role that gravity, or the lack thereof, plays in microbial growth.

African violet Colorful indoor plants make delightful gifts for the holidays

The choices go beyond traditional poinsettias and amaryllis. Colorful African violets, gloxinia, cyclamen, orchids, ornamental peppers and Christmas cactus are blooming and readily available.

Portrait of Mike and Judy Gaulke New marine innovation and technology center at Oregon State established with $20 million gift

A $20 million gift to the Oregon State University Foundation by alumni Judy and Mike Gaulke will create a new center to lead and support innovative research and development of technology that helps society better understand, protect and utilize the ocean and its environment.

Potatoes are harvested on a farm in Culver, Ore. Photo by Lynn Ketchum. Researchers receive $2M to look for new ways to prevent organic potatoes from spoiling

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University researchers have been awarded $2 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop improved ways of preventing stored potatoes from sprouting, particularly in the organic sector.

OSU horticulturist Amy Jo Detweiler, photo by Lynn Ketchum New plant hardiness map, used by gardeners nationwide and based on OSU climate data, unveiled

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The U.S. Department of Agriculture today released its new Plant Hardiness Zone Map, the national standard by which gardeners can determine which plants are most likely to survive the coldest winter temperatures at a certain location.

Wildfire, drought cause $11.2 billion in damage to private timberland in three Pacific states, study finds

Wildfires and drought have led to $11.2 billion in damages to privately held timberland in California, Oregon and Washington over the past two decades, a new Oregon State University study found.

Oregon State University names inaugural director of Tribal relations

Chance White Eyes, an assistant professor of Native American studies at Southern Oregon University and an alumnus of Oregon State University, has been named the inaugural director of Tribal relations at Oregon State. He starts Dec. 15.

Ellery Ohlwiler and David Abiola collect Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data on the OSU campus. Photo by Chris Parrish, OSU College of Enginering. Oregon State to receive $6.5M for federal effort to modernize geospatial coordinate system

Oregon State University is one of four institutions selected to advance a federal effort to modernize the National Spatial Reference System, which underpins surveying, mapping, autonomous vehicle navigation, precision agriculture and the rest of the United States’ geospatial economy.

Tongass National Forest, photo by Logan Berner Southern Alaska’s national forests key to meeting climate, conservation goals, OSU study shows

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Analyses of U.S. national forests led by Oregon State University scientists shows that increased protections for two Alaskan forests is a key to meeting climate and biodiversity goals.

Oregon State University enrollment reaches a new record, topping 36,000

Oregon State University’s fall 2023 enrollment has reached a record for the 27th consecutive year, topping 36,000, with growth spread across its Corvallis and Bend campuses and its online education unit.

An aerial photo shows the large PRAx building under construction on OSU's campus. OSU’s Patricia Valian Reser Center for Creative Arts announces inaugural season lineup

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Patricia Valian Reser Center for the Creative Arts at Oregon State University today announced the lineup of events and performances for its inaugural 2024-2025 season, with tickets going on sale Nov. 15.

Pollinators preferred native Clarkia amoena over its cultivars. Photo by Jen Hayes. The debate over native plants and their cultivars gathers steam

Research about native plans and their cultivars that has been done – primarily on the East Coast – hasn’t been conclusive.

Headshot of author Robin Wall Kimmerer, a smiling lady with shoulder-length gray hair, wearing blue and white beaded earrings and a blue, black and turquoise shawl. Indigenous author & botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer named recipient of OSU’s 2024 Stone Award

Indigenous author, botanist and professor Robin Wall Kimmerer has been named as Oregon State University’s 2024 recipient of the Stone Award for Literary Achievement.

Image of scientist Dawn Wright Scientist Dawn Wright to discuss her dive to the deepest spot on the planet during Nov. 15 lecture at OSU

Geographer and oceanographer Dawn Wright, who in 2022 became the first Black person to dive to the deepest known point on the planet, will give the fall 2023 Marston lecture Nov. 15 at Oregon State University.

Dam removals, restoration project on Klamath River expected to help salmon, researchers conclude

The world’s largest dam removal and restoration project currently underway on the Klamath River in Oregon and California will aid salmon populations that have been devastated by disease and other factors. However, it will not fully alleviate challenges faced by the species, a team of researchers conclude in a just-published paper.

October - 2023

October - 2023
Researchers observe wolves hunting and killing sea otters and harbor seals on Alaska’s Katmai coast

Firsthand observations of a wolf hunting and killing a harbor seal and a group of wolves hunting and consuming a sea otter on Alaska’s Katmai coast have led scientists to reconsider assumptions about wolf hunting behavior.

Image shows a lab technician pipetting material into a box of vials in a lab hood. OSU veterinary researchers to test hundreds of wild animal species for SARS-CoV-2

Backed by a new cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, researchers at Oregon State University will soon begin testing approximately 1,600 wild animal specimens for the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

OSU Pharmacy Building Oregon State researchers uncover mechanism for treating dangerous liver condition

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A study spearheaded by Oregon State University has shown why certain polyunsaturated fatty acids work to combat a dangerous liver condition, opening a new avenue of drug research for a disease that currently has no FDA-approved medications.

flooding Climate report: ‘Uncharted territory’ imperils life on Earth

CORVALLIS, Ore. – An international coalition of climate scientists says in a paper published today that the Earth’s vital signs have worsened beyond anything humans have yet seen, to the point that life on the planet is imperiled.

Pacific Northwest’s semiconductor and sustainable timber industries to be strengthened by two Oregon State-led federally designated Tech Hubs

Oregon State University is the leader of two federally designated Tech Hubs – one focused on microfluidic technology for semiconductors and the other on mass timber design and manufacturing – announced today by the White House.

Klamath River dam removal topic of Nov. 1 Science Pub talk in Corvallis

The world’s largest dam removal project currently being undertaken on the Klamath River and will be the topic of Oregon State University’s Science Pub on Nov. 1.