April - 2020

April - 2020
OSU partners with USGS on electrical mapping project to help protect power grid

Oregon State University will carry out large-scale mapping of the electrical properties of Earth’s crust and mantle beneath the southern and southwestern United States under a new two-year, $2.5 million cooperative agreement with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Emily Ho Oregon State University names new Linus Pauling Institute director

Emily Ho, the leader of Oregon State University’s Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health and an internationally recognized expert in the study of nutrients and chronic disease, has been named the next endowed chair and director of the university’s Linus Pauling Institute.

marbled murrelet Oregon State University College of Forestry creates weekly online lecture series

The Oregon State University College of Forestry invites everyone to a new, weekly Stay at Home Lecture Series starting April 9 that features a variety of presenters talking about everything from recreation in national parks to a secretive seabird.

Pharmacy Building Researchers use nanotechnology to develop new treatment for painful gynecological condition

Scientists have developed a precise, nanotechnology-based treatment to alleviate the pain and fertility problems associated with endometriosis, a common gynecological condition in women of childbearing age.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State freezes tuition for returning undergraduate students

In response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Oregon State University students and their families, the university’s Board of Trustees voted today to freeze tuition rates for currently enrolled undergraduate students at OSU’s Corvallis and Bend campuses for summer session and the 2020-21 academic year.

strawberries Add strawberries to the garden for a sweet harvest

As interest in edible gardening continues to climb at a fast rate, strawberries are a good candidate to add to the mix.

Magruder Hall OSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab produces critical COVID-19 test component for Oregon hospitals

When Samaritan Health Services asked Oregon State University last week if there was anything the university could do to help, scientists in the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine realized their diagnostic lab already had all the ingredients and equipment to make the fluid needed to transport patient samples to testing facilities.

Gideon Freudmann with cello OSU’s Music à la Carte concert series goes live on Facebook starting April 3

The Music à la Carte concert series will host a series of Facebook Live events starting this Friday, keeping alive the decades-long tradition while following Oregon State University’s commitment to help reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19.

Multnomah County Master Gardener demonstration garden at Portland State University's Learning Garden Lab in Portland. Enrollment skyrockets for OSU Master Gardener vegetable course

More than 17,600 people – at a growing clip of about 1,000 more each day – are signing up for a vegetable gardening course offered by the Oregon State University Extension Service, as people nationally abide by stay-at-home pandemic orders.

aerial view of Memorial Union building OSU Board of Trustees and Finance and Administration Committee to meet April 3, 2020

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, April 3, 2020. Additionally, the board’s Finance and Administration Committee will meet from 8:30 to 9:45 a.m. that same day. In keeping with the Governor’s Executive Order regarding Stay Home, Stay Safe, and the university’s measures to help reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19, each meeting will be hosted through the remote conferencing service Zoom.

Western North Atlantic Smaller than expected phytoplankton may mean less carbon sequestered at sea bottom

A study that included the first-ever winter sampling of phytoplankton in the North Atlantic revealed cells smaller than what scientists expected, meaning a key weapon in the fight against excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may not be as powerful as had been thought.

March - 2020

March - 2020
Shauna Tominey reading a book with a child OSU parenting experts offer advice for families under quarantine

When schools started closing their doors to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, parents nationwide suddenly found themselves trying to home-school their children, work from home, and keep everyone fed and clothed while maintaining some semblance of sanity.

KidSpirit kids play on a tire swing Resources for parents during COVID-19 quarantine

Shauna Tominey, an assistant professor of practice at Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences, has compiled an extensive list of resources and tips for parents at home with their children due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a parenting education specialist and author of the book “Creating Compassionate Kids: Essential Conversations to Have with Young Children.”

Yellowstone bison Bison in northern Yellowstone proving to be too much of a good thing

Increasing numbers of bison in Yellowstone National Park in recent years have become a barrier to ecosystem recovery in the iconic Lamar Valley in the northern part of the park, according to a study by Oregon State University scientists.

baby chicks Watch chicks hatch on streaming OSU Extension Chickcam

The OSU Chickcam marks its sixth year with a new batch of baby chicks.

boy with binoculars Look to the garden to keep you busy and quiet your mind

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we need things to help us cope, and gardening qualifies.

Oregon State collects nearly 200,000 pairs of gloves, other medical supplies for COVID-19 crisis

Oregon State University faculty and employees collected more than 12 pallets of personal protective equipment, including nearly 200,000 pairs of gloves and more than 8,000 face masks, and is providing the much-needed supplies to Oregon health care workers confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stock image of Reed Lodge OSU offering ‘Punch Through Pandemics’ spring course for students, public

Will my parents be OK? Will I be able to keep my job? Will I still graduate on time? Will I even put on pants today?

As the most basic elements of daily life become uncertain amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a team of professors in Oregon State University’s School of Psychological Science has put together a new course that helps explain what’s happening in our brains and offers some evidence-based coping skills.

Hydrogel beads OSU research paves way to improved cleanup of contaminated groundwater

Beads that contain bacteria and a slow-release food supply to sustain them can clean up contaminated groundwater for months on end, maintenance free, research by Oregon State University shows.

Stock image of Waldo Hall Culturally adapted materials boost Latino participation in diabetes education programs

An Oregon State University study published last week found that diabetes education programs that are linguistically and culturally tailored to Latinos lead to significantly higher rates of completion among Latino participants — even higher than rates among non-Latinos enrolled in the English versions of those programs.

OSU to allow freshmen option to provide standardized test results

Oregon State University announced today that it will no longer require freshman applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission, starting with fall term 2021.

All Oregon public universities to no longer require standardized admissions tests 

Oregon’s seven public comprehensive universities and Oregon Health & Science University announced jointly today that none will require freshman applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission, starting with fall term 2021.

Parent holds a ball to pass to child Parents modeling physical activity help kids with developmental disabilities improve motor skills

It’s a self-perpetuating cycle: Kids with developmental disabilities face challenges in building motor skills, which makes them less able to participate in routine physical activity, which gives them less opportunity to practice those same motor skills.

aerial view of Memorial Union building OSU Board of Trustees and Finance and Administration Committee to meet April 3

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet on Friday, April 3, to consider tuition rates, mandatory fees and student incidental fees for the 2020-21 academic year and summer session 2020.

coneflower Divide and conquer plants to keep them healthy and productive

When perennials start looking raggedy and the middle dies out, the time has come to dig them up and make more plants.

Oregon State University COVID-19 experts

The following Oregon State University faculty and staff have expertise related to the COVID-19 global pandemic and are willing to speak with journalists.

Timber harvesting results in persistent deficits in summer streamflow

Summer streamflow in industrial tree plantations harvested on 40- to 50-year rotations was 50% lower than in century-old forests, data from the long-term Alsea Watershed Study in the Oregon Coast Range showed.

Trapped ions may unlock a path to better batteries and much more

A serendipitous discovery during research into batteries at Oregon State University holds major implications for inventing new materials with a vast range of scientific and commercial applications, the study’s corresponding author says.

Oregon Sea Grant awards $1.15 million to OSU researchers for five marine-related projects

Oregon Sea Grant, a marine research, public engagement and education program at Oregon State University, has awarded $1.15 million to five OSU scientists to study beach grass, groundfish trawling, sea lions and oysters over the next two years.

Toddler at beach OSU receives nearly $9 million to make machines learn like toddlers

Oregon State University has received nearly $9 million to lead a four-year research project aimed at infusing artificial intelligence and robotic systems with more common sense.

straw bale Straw bale gardens work where others won’t

If you've got little space, bad soil or aren't able to bend over, straw bale gardening is an altertnative to inground gardens.

Bull kelp Satellite data boosts understanding of climate change’s effects on kelp

Tapping into 35 years of satellite imagery, researchers at Oregon State University have dramatically enlarged the database regarding how climate change is affecting kelps, near-shore seaweeds that provide food and shelter for fish and protect coastlines from wave damage.

Photo from Ana Pearse's series "What Were You Wearing?" OSU Fairbanks Gallery hosts “Frame” Plinkiewisch Art Scholarship Exhibition in March

The Fairbanks Gallery of Art at Oregon State University presents “Frame,” the 2020 Plinkiewisch Art Scholarship Exhibition, through March 25.

Peter Konstantinidis (left), Oregon State University instructor and curator of the Oregon State Ichthyology Collection, and student Kelci Pauk, look at a preserved whitefish Researchers use OSU fish collection to detect historical infection of salmon parasites

Decades-old fish stored at Oregon State University proved valuable in learning more about parasites that infect a family of fish that includes salmon and trout in the Pacific Northwest.

Fisher Photos from Yosemite suggest secretive forest predator might be moving north

New photographs from Yosemite National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada represent an exciting development in the recovery of the fisher, a fierce and secretive predator whose numbers dwindled in the 19th and 20th centuries due to fur trapping and logging.

Stock image of Waldo Hall Chronic environmental stressors, not combat exposure, biggest predictor of PTSD in Korean Vietnam veterans

In the Vietnam War, the second-largest contingent of soldiers fighting North Vietnam came from Korea. Now, 45 years later, roughly 40% of Korean Vietnam veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder, a rate higher than their American counterparts.

black spot on rose Fight ‘big four’ rose problems with prevention strategies

There are steps you can take to control black spot, rust, downy mildew and powdery mildew.

Ipe tree Quickly unfolding flash droughts present new challenge for weather prediction

Flash droughts, which can develop in as little as two weeks and intensify rapidly, are drawing new attention as researchers work to identify and test the reliability of indicators that could help predict these weather events.

February - 2020

February - 2020
OSU's Bella Voce choir in performance OSU choral program presents annual Orange & Black Scholarship Benefit Concert on March 9

The Oregon State University choral program will present the Orange & Black Choral and Vocal Scholarship Benefit Concert at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 9, at the First United Methodist Church, 1165 NW Monroe Ave. in Corvallis.

Printmaking artist Tom Huck at work OSU’s Visiting Artists and Scholars Lecture Series presents printmaker Tom Huck on March 5

The School of Arts and Communication at Oregon State University presents a talk by the American printmaker Tom Huck at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 5, in the Construction & Engineering Auditorium at the LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St.

Image of the 9 members of Slavic Soul Party! lying in a circle SAC Presents performing arts series presents Slavic Soul Party! on March 19

The New York City-based band “Slavic Soul Party!” will perform at the next installment of the SAC Presents performing arts series at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 19, at the LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University.

Climate science pioneer extends legacy with scholarship gift

Nationally known climate scientist and Oregon State University alumnus Warren Washington and his wife, Mary, have established OSU’s largest endowed scholarship fund for students engaged in climate studies.

Freshwater flowing into the North Pacific plays key role in North America’s climate

Massive freshwater river flows stemming from glacier-fed flooding at the end of the last ice age surged across eastern Washington to the Columbia River and out to the North Pacific Ocean, where they triggered climate changes throughout the northern hemisphere, new research published today in Science Advances shows.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Sessions scheduled to gain input on future of public safety at Oregon State

Four community listening sessions are scheduled in March to gather input on future public safety needs and services at Oregon State University’s Corvallis campus.

Don Pettit Astronaut and OSU alumnus Donald R. Pettit to give free lecture on campus March 5

Astronaut Donald R. Pettit, a 1978 graduate of the Oregon State University College of Engineering, will give a free public lecture at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 5, at the LaSells Stewart Center on OSU’s Corvallis campus, 875 SW 26th St.

Woman forester Lecture series explores leadership role of women in forestry, forest products

The annual Starker Lecture Series at Oregon State University will this year focus on women who act as agents of change within the forestry and forest products sectors, and also in their communities.

Olin Hannum conducting OSU Wind Symphony performs winter concert March 2

The Oregon State University Wind Symphony will perform its winter term concert at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 2, in the Austin Auditorium at The LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St., Corvallis.

Old carbon reservoirs unlikely to cause large greenhouse gas release

Carbon reservoirs found in permafrost and frozen methane hydrates have the potential to emit large quantities of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, as the planet warms, but it is unlikely the gas released from those stores will reach the atmosphere, new research published this week in Science indicates.

Wind ensemble onstage OSU Wind Ensemble performs winter concert March 10

The Oregon State University Wind Ensemble will perform its winter term concert at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, in the Austin Auditorium at The LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St., Corvallis.

Plant-based sterols Plant-based relatives of cholesterol could help gene therapy for cystic fibrosis, other diseases

Gene-infused nanoparticles used for combating disease work better when they include plant-based relatives of cholesterol because their shape and structure help the genes get where they need to be inside cells.

Mother’s milk and infant health focus of Science Pub Corvallis

The benefits of mother’s milk for babies, such as lower disease risks and improved cognitive development, are well known. But the story isn’t so clear for infants born prematurely. Even when fed breast milk they can fail to thrive. At Science Pub Corvallis on March 9, David Dallas will explore what scientists know about human milk and how babies digest it.

David Allstot David Allstot of Oregon State University elected to National Academy of Engineering

David Allstot, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Oregon State University whose research has helped transform telephones and cellphones, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering, the highest professional honor in engineering.

Jazz Ensemble onstage OSU Jazz Ensemble performs winter concert Feb. 27

The Oregon State University Jazz Ensemble will perform its winter term concert at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 27, in OSU Memorial Union Ballroom, 2501 SW Jefferson Way.

Methane emissions from fossil fuel industry underestimated by up to 40%, study finds

The global fossil fuel industry emits 25% to 40% more methane – a greenhouse gas and contributor to global warming – than previously thought, a study published today in Nature found.

Pianist Yulianna Avdeeva International Steinway Piano Series presents Yulianna Avdeeva Mar. 1

The Corvallis-OSU Piano International Steinway Piano Series presents Russian pianist Yulianna Avdeeva at 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 1 at The LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St. in Corvallis.

Hot Tuna member Jack Casady OSU’s American Strings Series brings Hot Tuna to Corvallis

Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, aka Hot Tuna, will appear on the next American Strings program, sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University and the Majestic Theatre.

Stock image of piano Corvallis-Oregon State University Symphony to perform all-Rachmaninoff program Feb. 25

Under the direction of conductor Marlan Carlson, the Corvallis-OSU Symphony will perform an all-Rachmaninoff program at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at The LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St., Corvallis.

Generic image of Waldo Hall ‘Birth Settings’ report explores medical disparities in the U.S.; highlights Oregon’s success

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A report released earlier this month dives deep into the ongoing inequities surrounding childbirth in the U.S., with Oregon emerging as a leading example of how to do better.

Moss on roof Maintaining a moss-free roof takes some effort

After cleaning the shingles, low-toxicity products can be used to kill the moss. But shedding more sun on the roof works more permanently.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Fossilized insect from 100 million years ago is oldest record of primitive bee with pollen

Beetle parasites clinging to a primitive bee 100 million years ago may have caused the flight error that, while deadly for the insect, is a boon for science today.

Oregon State alumnus makes gift for student basic needs, challenges community to join him

A university-wide effort to address food and housing insecurity among students attending Oregon State University has received a major boost from a donation by OSU alumnus and volunteer leader Thomas W. Toomey.

OSU president calls for increased attention to mental health, basic needs of students

Approaching the close of a 17-year tenure as Oregon State University’s president, Edward J. Ray today called on the state of Oregon, the federal government and Oregonians to help address college students’ mental health and basic needs and reduce the tuition burden that students and their families pay for college.

apple tree pruning Time to perform winter maintenance on apple trees

Dormant sprays help control diseases and insect pests; purning keeps your tree in good shape for producing apples.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State tied for fourth nationally in producing faculty Fulbright Scholars this year

Oregon State University is tied for fourth nationally among universities for producing faculty Fulbright scholars this academic year, the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program announced today.

Image of Milam Hall Mitochondria study could help boost understanding of diabetes and aging

In a surprising study, Oregon State University researchers found that no matter how much stress they placed on mice from either a high-fat diet or strenuous exercise, the animals’ mitochondria were able to adapt and continue their normal processes.

Image of marjiuana plant Frequent marijuana use may be related to risky decision-making in young adults

Young adults with a history of frequent marijuana use showed a greater propensity for risky decision-making in a recent Oregon State University study.

Image of theater seating Auditions for OSU’s ‘Importance of Being Earnest’ set for March 1-2

Auditions for Oregon State University Theatre’s spring production of “The Importance of Being Earnest” will be held at 6 p.m. on March 1-2 on the Withycombe Main Stage in Withycombe Hall, 2901 SW Campus Way in Corvallis.

Sample artwork from exhibition OSU’s Fairbanks Gallery presents multi-artist “Psithurism: Visionary West” through Feb. 26

For the month of February, Fairbanks Gallery of Art at Oregon State University is holding an exhibition of works curated by OSU art instructor Anna Fidler titled “Psithurism: Visionary West.”

Oceanfront landowners in Neskowin, Ore., have chosen to use rock revetments, or rip-rap, to protect their properties from erosion. Coastal risks and land use policy create economic tradeoffs for armoring the Oregon Coast

An Oregon land use policy creates a large economic value for some private homeowners who are allowed to protect their shoreline against erosion, according to a new Oregon State University study.

Sales of OSU whale license plate support study of Oregon whales and more

Nearly 10,000 Oregonians have purchased gray whale license plates since they went on sale a year ago, providing critical support for Oregon State University researchers studying gray whales that frequent Oregon’s waters.


Researcher Joe Cutler (right) poses with a Guinea snapper he collected at Lope National Park in Gabon. This fish was collected farther upstream than any other marine-associated fishes. in Gabon. Proposed hydropower dams pose threat to Gabon’s fishes

Proposed hydropower dams in Gabon pose a substantial threat to the African nation’s most culturally and economically important fishes, according to a new study.

Cover image of Wendy Willis' book, "These Are Strange Times, My Dear" Authors Wendy Willis and Steven Moore to read at Oregon State University Feb. 21

Poet and essayist Wendy Willis and memoirist Steven Moore will read at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 21 at the Black Box Lab Theatre in Withycombe Hall on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis. A book signing will follow.

Oregon State President Edward J. Ray will be the university’s 2020 commencement speaker

Edward J. Ray, who has led a dynamic transformation at Oregon State University during nearly 17 years of service as the president, has been selected to deliver the commencement address at OSU’s 151st graduation ceremony.

Austin Hall Individuals are more optimistic about their own political parties or sports teams than others

People tend to be irrationally optimistic about the future success of their sports team or political party, while supporters of their rivals hold similar overly positive views about the performance of their own group, a new study from Oregon State University has found.


opioid tablets More than half of dental prescriptions for opioids exceed pain-management guidelines, study finds

A new study suggests that roughly half of the opioid prescriptions written by dentists in the United States exceed the three-day supply recommended by federal dental pain-management guidelines.

Image of theater seating OSU Theatre presents family-friendly musical ‘Secret Garden’ starting Feb. 28

Oregon State University Theatre’s 2019-2020 season continues this month with the family-friendly musical adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s children’s classic, “The Secret Garden.”

January - 2020

January - 2020
flowers Save some bucks by gardening frugally

Saving money in the garden doesn't mean you have to sacrifice what you want -- it just takes a little thought.

A Juntos student from Yamhill County participates in a science/STEM Camp at Oregon State University led by José García (left). Carnegie Foundation again bestows coveted 'Community Engagement' designation on OSU

Oregon State University has been awarded its second Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.

metal organic framework Research zeroing in on electronic nose for monitoring air quality, diagnosing disease

Research at Oregon State University has pushed science closer to developing an electronic nose for monitoring air quality, detecting safety threats and diagnosing diseases by measuring gases in a patient’s breath.

OSU requests proposals to design westside Reser Stadium completion

Oregon State University issued a request for design and construction proposals Monday as the next step in the university’s feasibility analysis of completing Reser Stadium by modernizing the stadium’s westside.

Stock photo of Reed Lodge OSU study offers pathway to better address mental health in rare disease patients

People with a statistically rare disease are at greater risk of depression and anxiety than people with more common diseases, even if symptoms are similar.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State Board of Trustees approve 10-year business forecast

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees on Friday approved a 10-year business forecast that includes initiatives to advance the university mission and provide for financial stability while OSU seeks to address shifts in national and statewide student demographics and manage increased expenses, including a substantial rise in employee retirement costs.

raised garden bed Study shows some urban gardens contain too much organic matter

Most gardeners are given the advice to add compost, but that's not always a good idea. Get a test to be sure.

When Ideology Trumps Science

Why are some citizens in developed countries such as the United States less trusting of science, expert scientific consensus and government? Why are they, instead, prioritizing their ideological values? At the February 10 Science Pub Corvallis, Erika Wolters and Brent Steel, professors in the OSU School of Public Policy, will examine these questions.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Oregon State University names two distinguished professors

Oregon State University has named Yuji Hiratsuka and David Williams as its 2020 Distinguished Professor recipients, the highest academic honor the university can bestow on a faculty member.

Engraving by Barcelona-based artist Dolors Escala The Little Gallery presents engravings by Barcelona artist Dolors Escala

The Little Gallery at Oregon State University is hosting “Works on Paper,” a series of engravings by Barcelona-based artist Dolors Escala, from Jan. 27 through March 20.

Look Beyond Face Value - Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day logo Facial paralysis stigma takes emotional toll, especially when acquired later in life

People with facial paralysis are more likely to face depression and anxiety than the general population, especially if the paralysis occurs later in life rather than at birth, according to a recent study from Oregon State University.

More than 22 miles of oceanic sediment cores featured at opening of OSU repository Jan. 31

Oregon State University’s newly renovated and expanded Marine and Geology Repository, one of the nation's largest repositories of oceanic sediment cores, will officially open Jan. 31 with tours and an open house for the public.

Theater seats OSU Theatre season continues with new play ‘The Expedition of Whispers’

Oregon State University’s Theatre Department continues its 2019-2020 season next month with the world premiere of “The Expedition of Whispers.”

Women's building on OSU campus Recent health reforms in Oregon reduce infant deaths and improve access to reproductive health services

Oregon’s unique health care delivery system for low-income patients is resulting in fewer infant deaths, according to a recent study by Oregon State University researchers.

Ronnie Baker Brooks and Billy Branch perform in the Chicago blues style OSU’s American Strings series brings Chicago blues to Corvallis Feb. 12

Chicago blues artists Ronnie Baker Brooks and Billy Branch will perform at the next American Strings program at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12, at the Majestic Theatre.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Kindergartners’ behavior, socioeconomic risk linked to gut microbiome composition, function

A study of early school-aged children shows a connection between the bacteria in their gut and their behavior, and that parents play a key role in their kids’ microbiome beyond the food they provide.

seed tray Set seeds on the right path with homemade planting medium

Are the catalogs arriving? Get ahead of the game by making homemade seed mix.

Faculty excellence helps OSU earn another top-5 national ranking for online education

For the third time in six years, Oregon State University is ranked as one of America’s five best providers of online education by U.S. News & World Report.

Stock photo of marijuana leaves College students use more marijuana in states where it’s legal, but they binge drink less

Marijuana use among college students has been trending upward for years, but in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, use has jumped even higher.

aerial view of Memorial Union building OSU Board of Trustees and committees to meet January 23-24

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees will meet on Friday, Jan. 24, to consider the university’s 10-year business forecast, amendments to its conduct of board meetings policy, the election of board officers, and the board’s 2020 work plan.

A child raises both hands in the air while sitting in a Go Baby Go car Broad support needed to maximize impact of cars designed for kids with mobility issues

For the first month and a half after receiving a modified toy car designed for children with disabilities, the kids and their families seemed motivated to use driving as a means of exploration and socialization. But in the month and a half after that, most kids’ driving time fell off to almost nothing.

aerial view of Memorial Union building Use of all tobacco products now prohibited at all Oregon State University properties

Oregon State University has enacted an expanded policy prohibiting the use of any tobacco products on all university properties. OSU adopted a smoke-free campus policy for all students, employees and visitors in 2012.

Wildfire Oregon State research will help land managers take risk-analysis approach to new wildfire reality

New digital tools developed by Oregon State University will enable land managers to better adapt to the new reality of large wildfires through analytics that guide planning and suppression across jurisdictional boundaries that fires typically don’t adhere to.

Oregon State announces plan to develop student housing in Newport

Oregon State University announced plans Tuesday to develop and construct new student housing in Newport to support the university’s Marine Studies Initiative.